About MindCafe

How We Work

The Mind Cafe is a board game cafe – not just your regular cafe that offers fantastic coffee and tasty pastries, we are here to share the love of board games!

All are welcome to Mind Cafe to play till you drop, with our exhaustive game library of at least 500 games in the cafe! We also offer a wide range of food and beverages to keep you refreshed while

you game. If you’re looking to purchase a board game, head to our online library http://themindcafe.com.sg/games

Our specialty is in organizing and hosting Game Show Events. To date, we host an average of 6 events a week that caters to corporate companies, ministries and private birthday parties.

Who We Are

We have the management team, the gaming and service staff and the kitchen staff.

The management team oversees daily operations, service standards, and games and events management.

The Games Show Emcee run the games program for corporate team bonding event and birthday parties

The gaming and service staff are further assigned as Games Master, Games Facilitator and Games Coordinator based on their games knowledge and length of service.

Lastly, the kitchen staff take charge of the entire kitchen operation to ensure a smooth delivery of nice and delicious food to be served.

Management Staff

Ever wonder who’s the one behind all the promotions & posters? Joey Chan handles all the marketing campaigns!  You might be able to catch a glimpse of her at the outlet sometimes! Easy to spot, she is friendly, sweet and always smiling!

What colleagues say about Joey Chan:
“She will give you a calm feeling when you work with her, very pleasant and nice to everyone. It is so much fun to have her around the cafe and her smile will melt the customer's heart”
“Hardworking, helpful, and always greets you naturally with a smile!”

Spot Yi Shan at work during the weekends, often carrying a sweet smile to serve you. Although small, she’s always a timely helping hand. A perfect Outlet Manager to guide you through your gaming endeavours! Also, she has won the staff of the month award three times!

What colleagues say about Yi Shan:
“Very attentive and do her job with enthusiasm.”
“Very helpful and supportive.”
“Always helpful and automatic.”

Easy going and amiable, approach our assistant outlet manager Shirleen if you have any questions! Make sure you wake up early enough to catch her and ask ,” Do you like Coffee, Tea or …Me?”

What colleagues say about Shirleen Jane:
“She is very bubbly and hardworking at work and is always keen about learning new games”

Despite her small frame, Tricia carries energy three times her size! Catch her at our cafe, she is one of our amazing outlet manager!

What colleagues say about Tricia:
“She is one that work for the good of the customers, meaning to serve them in a manner that makes them happy.”
“The upkeep of the cafe, she does it because she wants the cafe to be better!”
“Diligent manager, very patient in guidance of new staff.”

WenKai works as a senior manager. He oversees the operation of the cafe and is also in-charge of games retail and its distribution in Singapore. Occasionally, he hosts for Games Show Events!

What colleagues say about WenKai:
“He is always there to lighten up the mood that feel like a energiser even when the cafe's busy and his presence ensure that everything will be alright no matter what.”
“A warm and friendly manager who is always smiling.”
“Reliable and understanding manager”

Alvin works as an event manager. He attend to all event enquiries and quotations. Sometimes, he emcees the Games Show Events.

What colleagues say about Alvin:
“A workaholic who plans well for events.”
“A lively games emcee who will bring lots of laughter to his customer.”

Games Show Emcee

Easy going and amiable, approach our assistant outlet manager Shirleen if you have any questions! Make sure you wake up early enough to catch her and ask ,” Do you like Coffee, Tea or …Me?”

What colleagues say about Shirleen Jane:
“She is very bubbly and hardworking at work and is always keen about learning new games”

Games Masters

It’s hard to miss him when he is working, Fabian easily towers most of us! Gentle and patient as most of us would describe, he is undoubtedly someone you can look for if you want to have excellent games recommendations. Passionate in board games, he would be able to teach you a great variety of games!

What colleagues say about Fabian:
“Responsible, reliable and humble, proactive about learning games!”
“Always performed to high standards, role model for many.”

Passionate, energetic and enthusiastic, Charlotte is the one to look for if you want some great games! Full of cheerfulness and joy, you would never be bored with her around. Be prepared to have a session filled with fun & laughter!

What colleagues say about Charlotte:
“Love her energy & postivity! Great initiative and working attitude!”
“Super hardworking & passionate! She's always on the move, trying her best to serve customers.”

If you ask us who is the games enthusiast among us, Yi Tao would definitely make the list! Having a vast interest in board games, he’s constantly learning new games! Look for him to recommend you some interesting games!

What colleagues say about Yi Tao:

Rise early to see Cherie’s contagious smile when she works in the morning of the weekends! However, you must be careful not to get infected by her laughter! Friendly & approachable, ask her for some fun games for you to enjoy!

What colleagues say about Cherie:
“She is a serious worker and her bubbly personality makes her a joy to work with.”
“Cheerful and fun to be with, her knowledge of games has increased alot as well”

Senior Games Facilitators

Games Facilitators

Games Coordinators

With a kind positive personality, Xavier is bound to capture your attention! You can easily approach him for games or any questions and he will be more than happy to help! Spot him at our cafes during weekend nights!

What colleagues say about Xavier:

Rafael is considerate and thoughtful, you can count on him if you need any assistance!  As a games coordinator, his passion for board games and eagerness to learn allows him to expand his games knowledge quickly! Be sure to get him to introduce you some interesting games!

What colleagues say about Rafael:

Being a patient and gregarious young man, Dan will definitely draw you in with his charisma! You can be sure to look for him for some delightful games while making you feel at home. Catch him around our cafe on weekends and get ready to put your mind to use!

What colleagues say about Dan Shee Tho:

Lai Yi is lively and enthusiastic, always ready to serve and teach games with her signature sweet smile! Her fun-loving nature and attentiveness makes her approachable, ask this affable young lady to recommend some great games for you!

What colleagues say about Lai Yi:
“Great energy & fun-loving!”
“It's a joy having her around! Very friendly & approachable!”

Charismatic and confident, it’s no wonder customers like to look for Angel! With a lively personality, you can be sure to have a blast!

What colleagues say about Angel:
“She's friendly & fun!”
“Great at teaching games & very patient!”

Friendly & amicable, Belle will pick out the fun games for you and your friends to play! Constantly looking out for customers, she’s well-liked by both customers and staffs!

What colleagues say about Belle:
“hardworking & friendly, she helps everyone patiently & kindly.”
“Having good relationships with everyone, working with her is both enjoyable and full of laughter”

Kitchen Staff

You can usually spot him in the kitchen on weekend nights, working hard to prepare delicious food and drinks. Edy is both dependable and diligent, it’s a joy having him around!

What colleagues say about Edy:

A tall gentle fatherly figure is the best way to describe Frank! He is usually inside the kitchen preparing food and drinks. Reliable and hardworking, he will certainly prepare a satisfactory meal for you!

What colleagues say about Frank:

Despite her reserved personality, Janice is warm-hearted and kind, taking care of the staffs while working. Even though she is mainly inside the kitchen preparing drinks and snacks for you, you might catch sight of her serving (if you are lucky)!

What colleagues say about Janice:

Joice works with us as an assistant manager of the kitchen, and also the Mama of the little girls in the cafe! She is in  charge of all the food and drinks preparation that is served to you.But don’t mess with her or else …..Mama is coming for you!

What colleagues say about Joice:
“She improved a lot and always like our mama!”
“She is meticulous and ensures that she does her job to her best of her abilities!”