About MindCafe

How We Work

The Mind Cafe is a board game cafe – not just your regular cafe that offers fantastic coffee and tasty pastries, we are here to share the love of board games!

All are welcome to Mind Cafe to play till you drop, with our exhaustive game library of at least 500 games in the cafe! We also offer a wide range of food and beverages to keep you refreshed while

you game. If you’re looking to purchase a board game, head to our online library http://themindcafe.com.sg/games

Our specialty is in organizing and hosting Game Show Events. To date, we host an average of 6 events a week that caters to corporate companies, ministries and private birthday parties.

Who We Are

We have the management team, the gaming and service staff and the kitchen staff.

The management team oversees daily operations, service standards, and games and events management.

The gaming and service staff are further assigned as Games Master, Games Facilitator and Games Coordinator based on their games knowledge and length of service.

Lastly, the kitchen staff take charge of the entire kitchen operation to ensure a smooth delivery of nice and delicious food to be served.

Management Staff

WenKai works as a senior manager. He oversees the operation of the cafe and is also in-charge of games retail and its distribution in Singapore. Occasionally, he hosts for Games Show Events!

What colleagues say about WenKai:
“He is always there to lighten up the mood that feel like a energiser even when the cafe's busy and his presence ensure that everything will be alright no matter what.”
“A warm and friendly manager who is always smiling.”

Evelyn works with us as an assistant manager. She takes good care of the staff by ensuring awesome welfare in the outlet!She also oversees games management within the cafe and upkeep this very website.

What colleagues say about Evelyn:
“Like a big sister, taking care of the xiao mei mei and xiao di di at the cafe, leading them to do the right thing.”
“She is lively and cheerful, always ready to help others.”

Von works as a senior manager at the cafe. He takes charge of customer service training and host as a games emcee for most of the private events held in the cafe.

What colleagues say about Von:
“He motivates me and help me when I have to host an event.He also brought positive vibes around us!”
“He is really heart warming to know that there is someone to count on when I faced difficulties and mistake during my working days.”

Alvin works as an event manager. He attend to all event enquiries and quotations. Sometimes, he emcees the Games Show Events.

What colleagues say about Alvin:
“A workaholic who plans well for events.”
“A lively games emcee who will bring lots of laughter to his customer.”

Games Masters

Zachary is one of our two games masters! He usually works Friday and Saturday night. Zachary has a vast interest in board games and hence , significant knowledge about it as well!

What colleagues say about Zachary:
“Able to handle any situations well and patient with teaching games.”
“Working very seriously and responsible. A smart and flexible boy.”

Nicholas is another games master.Not only does he take charge of cafe operations during the night shift, he too serves as an emcee for games show events!

What colleagues say about Nicholas:
“Always take care of people around him and ensure all the task is completed.”
“Always had so much fun working with him. He is very attentive to everyone and always share the games knowledge with us.”

Senior Games Facilitators

Tricia has worked with us as a games facilitator for more than a year! You can catch her swiping your credit card when paying your bills. What is most amazing about her is that she is never late for work!

What colleagues say about Tricia:
“She is one that work for the good of the customers, meaning to serve them in a manner that makes them happy.”
“The upkeep of the cafe, she does it because she wants the cafe to be better!”

Jerlyn works the night time as a games facilitator.She loves to recommend and teach you her favourite games! So , reassured, you’ll surely have a blast!

What colleagues say about Jerlyn:
“Cheerful and hardworking, constantly seeking advice and feedback in order to improve herself.”
“Interested and engaged in the job.”

Occasionally, you will see Michelle at the cafe (if you are lucky HAHA).She is lively and enthusiastic , always eager to serve and teach games! Also ,she really like potato chips!

What colleagues say about Michelle:
“She is always so friendly and willing to teach us what she knows.”
“She always make work very enjoyable with her fun loving character and is enthusiastic about teaching and learning games.”

Phang Jin works as a games facilitator on Friday and Saturday nights. Being a patient young hunk,he makes sure that customers understand the game rules well and along the way,snatch up some fan girls at the Mind Cafe!

What colleagues say about Phang Jin:
“Making obvious attempts to improve both his games knowledge and teaching ability.”
“Friendly and patient, goes the extra mile to assist customers when they require help.”

Yue Ying mostly works on Saturdays and Sunday. Equipped with good knowledge of the games, she is able to pick out the best game for you and your buddies!

What colleagues say about Yue Ying:
“Always learning games and teaching us as well.”
“Very friendly, always willing to help others.”

Games Facilitators

Jason has been with us many years!! Given his looks, he takes more photograph with customer than teaching games as a games facilitator!

What colleagues say about Jason:
“Potentially 2021 Manhunt Winner!”
“He is so busy taking photographs with the customer that he dun help out in teaching the games rules!”

Angie has also worked with us many years, and in between , took a break as an air stewardess to learn the World First Class service standards. Now back with that experience , you will be able to see the difference in her customer service !

What colleagues say about Angie:
“She walk around the cafe as if she is walking down the aisle in the plane!”
“Cheerful and engaged in her job.”

Joey Chan is usually in the cafe in the morning of the weekends.She has such a sweet voice that you will be mesmerise you when she is teaching you the games rules!

What colleagues say about Joey Chan:
“She will give you a calm feeling when you work with her, very pleasant and nice to everyone. It is so much fun to have her around the cafe and her smile will melt the customer's heart”

Catch Yi Shan at work during the weekday. She often carry a smile and a timely helping hand, a perfect game facilitator to guide you through your gaming endeavours! Also ,she’s won the staff of the month award twice!

What colleagues say about Yi Shan:
“Very attentive and do her job with enthusiasm.”
“Very helpful and supportive.”
“Always helpful and automatic.”

Rise early to see Cherie’s contagious smile when she works in the morning of the weekends! However,you be careful not to get infected by her laughter!

What colleagues say about Cherie:
“She is a serious worker and her bubbly personality makes her a joy to work with.”
“Cheerful and fun to be with, her knowledge of games has increased alot as well”

Le Yi  is the “chio bu” of the cafe, as we like to call her. She is good in picking out the perfect game for you and your buddies to enjoy , as she is attentive and proactive to meet customer’s needs!

What colleagues say about Le Yi:
“Very joyful to serve with her! Look forward to work together becos a lot of support whenever help is needed without even asking, thanks to her observant proactive attitude.”
“She is improving a lot, helpful and always cheerful.”

Shirleen works with us as a games facilitator. Easy going and amiable, approach her if you have any questions! Remember to ask her ,” Do you like Coffee, Tea or Me?”

What colleagues say about Shirleen:
“She is very bubbly and hardworking at work and is always keen about learning new games”

Games Coordinators

Vanessa join us recently, but with her keen heart for learning , she is picking things up pretty quickly at the cafe.Apart from board games , she loves animation and you can be sure to hear lots of it from her!

What colleagues say about Vanessa:
“She is good in handling the customer needs.”
“It is our good to have her with us!”

Tyler is also a new games coordinator and joined the Sunday Team! Customer love to watch Korean dramas with him ,and it wouldn’t be weird to hear someone call him “OPPA!”

What colleagues say about Tyler:
“When i work with him, i feel as i am working with Bae Yong Joon in a Korean show.”
“He is spending too much time with our korean customer!”

Junissca is our latest addition to the Mind Cafe Team. Customers complain about a neck ache because she’s turning heads when she walks through the door!She’s not only pretty ,but also has a passion for board games!

What colleagues say about Junissca:
“Am sure she join the wrong company, she should be appearing on the magazine cover!”
“She is lovely and nice to all of us!”

Kitchen Staff

Joice works with us as an assistant manager of the kitchen, and also the Mama of the little girls in the cafe! She is in  charge of all the food and drinks preparation that is served to you.But don’t mess with her or else …..Mama is coming for you!

What colleagues say about Joice:
“She improved a lot and always like our mama!”
“She is meticulous and ensures that she does her job to her best of her abilities!”

Pei Guo works hard in the kitchen! His interest and commitment in food preparation is so vast, you can count on him for a satisfactory meal. He loves to craft a phoenix out from a cucumber!

What colleagues say about Pei Guo:
“Skillful and great culinary skills!”
“Feel like being serve by a Michelin 3 star chef!”