Games Coordinators


With a kind positive personality, Xavier is bound to capture your attention! You can easily approach him for games or any questions and he will be more than happy to help! Spot him at our cafes during weekend nights!

What colleagues say about Xavier:


Rafael is considerate and thoughtful, you can count on him if you need any assistance!  As a games coordinator, his passion for board games and eagerness to learn allows him to expand his games knowledge quickly! Be sure to get him to introduce you some interesting games!

What colleagues say about Rafael:

Dan Shee

Being a patient and gregarious young man, Dan will definitely draw you in with his charisma! You can be sure to look for him for some delightful games while making you feel at home. Catch him around our cafe on weekends and get ready to put your mind to use!

What colleagues say about Dan Shee Tho:

Lai Yi

Lai Yi is lively and enthusiastic, always ready to serve and teach games with her signature sweet smile! Her fun-loving nature and attentiveness makes her approachable, ask this affable young lady to recommend some great games for you!

What colleagues say about Lai Yi:
“Great energy & fun-loving!”
“It's a joy having her around! Very friendly & approachable!”


Charismatic and confident, it’s no wonder customers like to look for Angel! With a lively personality, you can be sure to have a blast!

What colleagues say about Angel:
“She's friendly & fun!”
“Great at teaching games & very patient!”


Friendly & amicable, Belle will pick out the fun games for you and your friends to play! Constantly looking out for customers, she’s well-liked by both customers and staffs!

What colleagues say about Belle:
“hardworking & friendly, she helps everyone patiently & kindly.”
“Having good relationships with everyone, working with her is both enjoyable and full of laughter”