Games Facilitators


Easy going and amiable, approach Evelyn if you have any questions! Make sure you wake up early enough to catch her and ask ,” Do you like Coffee, Tea or …Me?”

What colleagues say about Evelyn:
“She is very bubbly and hardworking at work and is always keen about learning new games”

Evelyn Tan


Syahira our Games Facilitator. She had worked at Mind Cafe for many years and possess that experience who know what you need when she see you at the Cafe



Gavin Work as a Games Facilitator at The Mind Cafe. He had produce many games video for the cafe as well! Always dependable and fun loving! Catch him when you are at the cafe!

Gavin Lim


Ken Work as a Games Facilitator at The Mind Cafe. He work hard at the cafe and he will never failed to fullfill your request at the cafe! Service Excellence!

Ken Cheong


Khairul work regularly at our Flagship store. He is well like by the customer and the staff as well! Kudos to have him at The Mind Cafe!