Our Rates

Our Rates (How do we charge?)

Daily Rate:
$5.00 per gaming hour per person (excludes Food and Drinks)

We do suggest you to take our promotion packages as it is much cheaper and it comes with Free flow drinks and snacks.

Within the café there are Game Facilitators who can help find the right game for you depending on:

  1. Your level of experience
  2. The number of players in your group
  3. The type of games you enjoy
  4. How much time you have available

The Game facilitators can also help with setting up the game, and most importantly can help to explain the rules. Through the Game facilitators we aim to share our passion and love of board games. Then you’re able to play as many games as you want. Just pick a game off the shelf in our board game library, take it to your table and enjoy!

When you need a drink or a meal or a snack, just order from the menu and we will be pleased to serve you.

Check it out in the F&B Menu page.

Kids below age of 7 are not chargeable.

Current Promotions

Current Promotions (22nd Nov 2019 till 17th Mar 2020)

Promotion-from-22nd Nov 2019 (Click here for PDF copy)

Student Promotion

All you can Eat & All you can Play ! (Every Thursday)

Valid from 22nd Nov 2019 to 17 MAR 2020