Costume Party Detective


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Welcome to the costume party! Everything about costuming is pure fun; from dressing up in scary or elaborate costumes, to crafting disguises that fool even your mirror! In Costume Party Detective, the rules are simple! After all the partygoers have arrived, the game is on. Find out the true identities of party goers without revealing your own! Everyone dresses up in their best costume and hides their true identity. Do your best to blend in, but don’t forget to keep an eye on everyone else. Put your detective skills to the test by listening for hints and try to unmask the other contestants! To win, be the last character standing at the party!

Game Genre: Social Deduction / Mystery / Party Game

No. of players: 2 to 6 players

Suitable for Ages 8 and Above

Game Duration: 20 mins

Game Components:

1 Six-sided Die

20 Character Figures

20 Character Cards

1 Gameboard


How to Play?:

Help the detective find out the true identities of party goers without revealing the detective’s identity! Roll the die to move from room to room or reveal and eliminate another character in the same room as yours. Stay in at the party – last player’s character standing at the party wins!


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