Feelinks Revelations


Feelinks Revelations is the adult stand-alone sequel to Feelinks. After the success of the first, children-oriented, version, Act In Games has decided to expand the Feelinks experience to adults.

The game is now fully cooperative and plays in about 30 minutes for 2 to 8 players.

While never being rude or inappropriate, this version of the game presents over 300 new situations intended for adults and teenagers over 16.

During a game, you :

  1. Pick a card and chose a situation to read.
  2. Choose the emotion that matches how you feel and correctly estimate your fellow players’ feelings.
  3. Show your mutual choices, reveal the correct estimation, then take a step, if needed, on the empathy track, then go again.

As the main course of a romantic evening or as the dessert of good game night with friends, Feelinks Revelations will test how well players know each other…

Will you reach the top of the empathy track ?

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Game Rule (PDF): Feelinks Revelations


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