Quixo Mini


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6 International Awards!

25 cubes are imprisoned on a board. Players take turn to move their cubes by pushing the others out of the way. The winner is the first player to create a line of 5 identical cubes.

Game Genre: Strategy

No. of players: 2-4 players

Suitable for Ages 8 and above

Game Duration: 15 mins

Family/ Kids Friendly: yes

Game Contents:

1 board

25 pyragraphed wooden cubes

1 cloth bag

Rules of the game

How to play:

1) Choose and take cube

2) Replace the cube

3) Win with horizontal, vertical or diagonal line with 5 cubes bearing his/her symbol

Size of the Game:

18cm X 18cm X 4.5cm

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 5 cm


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