Smart Games IQ Circuit


Are you able to connect all the parts to create circuits? Each challenge shows 2, 4 or 6 connection points. Each circuit begins and ends at one point. There is only one solution. Includes 4 levels of game, compact board with lid and 1 notebook with 120 challenges and solutions. Perfect for the elderly as it will hellp them to shine witness and logical reasoning.

Game Genre: Puzzle / Brain Teaser Game

Kids / Family Friendly: Yes

No. of Players: 1 player

Suitable for Ages: 8 and above

Games Duration: –

Game Contents:

• 4 Levels of Game

• Compact Board with Lid

• 1 Notebook with 120 challenges and solutions

How to Play?

1. Select a challenge. Each challenge shows 2, 4, or 6 dots.

2. The object of the game is to connect all dots with a path. All puzzle pieces must be placed on the game board. Each path starts and ends at a dot. Unconnected path pieces are not allowed.

3. There is only 1 solution, which can be found at the end of the challenge booklet.


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